Wise Words from the Old Man…

Scott, co-founder of Place to Be Nation and the Place to Be Podcast, with Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Scott, co-founder of Place to Be Nation and the Place to Be Podcast, with Hacksaw Jim Duggan
For as long as I’ve lived my adult life, I’ve always been around the media.  Sure, when you’re an everyday person either radio, TV or the internet is around your life at every turn.  I’m old enough to say that newspapers used to be a big outlet for everyday living as well.  That medium is dying with every closed print house and every bankrupt company.  However it can be frustrating to spend your day trolling site after site after site looking for more than just the news.  And sometimes you can’t be sure that you’re getting the straight skinny on the news.  Some say Fox gives one opinion, others says CNN or MSNBC gives another.  It’s very difficult to know if your best interests are at heart when it comes to not only sports or wrestling, but TV, movies, anything to get you away from the everyday hum-drum life.  Welcome to Place to Be Nation, your home for everything your heart desires in the endless world of pop culture.  We don’t get paid, we don’t have any interests other than yours.  From Raw recaps to album reviews, PTBN is where you can be welcome to journey through all of our various genres and authors.

When I was a kid the prevalent magazines in my house were People, Sports Illustrated and of course Pro Wrestling Illustrated.  Eventually the WWF Magazine came around as well.  I guess I have to throw my mom and sister in there so I’ll say Good Housekeeping and Vogue.  With two older brothers and an older sister I was influenced by so many things pertaining to pop culture.  So you’ll notice that a lot of references I make might go over many readers’ heads.  That’s OK, I won’t be offended.  I’m easily the oldest member of the website, and to prove that, here are some memorable pop culture moments in my life:

– I was 10 when Jimmy Snuka jumped off the cage at MSG in 1983.

– Many remember the 49ers last Super Bowl title in 1994.  I remember their FIRST Super Bowl title in 1981.

– I bought Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in the record store (no not FYE) on vinyl, the DAY IT CAME OUT.

– I saw “The Empire Strikes Back” in the theater, when it FIRST came out.

– The arena that I saw my first Superstars taping at in 1987, has been demolished and is a parking lot.

I could go on, but I won’t embarrass myself further.  My perspective on things may be different from others here in PTBN, but I hope it’s no less informative and enjoyable.  I’m a huge Sons of Anarchy fan and come August I’ll give a full season preview and a look back as to why that show may be the best FX has ever put on the screen.  Well, besides The Shield.

I love Netflix, and hate commercials.  So I will now watch shows like The Office that I can buzz through without NBC’s dumb promos for some of their other shows.

Welcome to the Place to Be Nation, from the elder statesman, and a guy who’s seen more than (sometimes) he’s willing to admit.