Why FSU Wins the BCS Championship


As a fan of the Florida State  Seminoles, I find myself performing all kinds of mental gymnastics to determine how well my team is going to perform in the game against Auburn. After all, I’ve read that FSU’s average margin of victory ranges from 35-42 ppg, which means to most people, FSU “hasn’t played anyone.” In the end, I find it all as an attempt to hype up a game that is going to send the BCS Championship packing in embarrassment as FSU will end it in dominance just as they began the BCS in dominance.

Nevertheless, I’m looking at Duke—yes, the Duke Blue Devils football squad, not Coach K’s BBall unit—waylaying Texas A&M for three and a half quarters and being unable to pull off the upset, 52-48.

FSU smoked Duke 45-7.

I’m looking at Clemson, who got into a slug-fest with the Big 10’s runner up, Ohio St., and managed to scrape by 40-35.

FSU went into Death Valley and beat down Tajh Boyd and crew 51-14. Some Dabo Sweeny is still looking for that bus that has the rest of his team on it.

I’ve seen a commercial short featuring Jemele Hill of ESPN explaining that if FSU scores just eleven points against Auburn, FSU will have averaged 50 ppg this season.

Gotta take a pause for the cause on that one. The only way to outscore opponents that severely is to have a defense behind the offense. Is there another team out there that can hang that many points while denying the other team the end zone?

Looking on the other side, I see Auburn losing to LSU in the first game of the season 35-21. Good for them, because many other BCS teams have benefitted from losing early rather than late. It’s one of the biggest flaws of the system which is also one of the reasons why I’m glad to see it go.

I mentioned Texas A&M and Duke earlier…AU beat them 45-41 while they were ranked 24 and “Johnny Football” (patent pending) and company were ranked 7.

Auburn beat an injury-ravaged 25th-ranked Georgia 43-38, but everyone beat Georgia this year. May I also remind you that Auburn needed a miracle play at the end of the game to win? That play is why every secondary coach in the nation always says “BAT IT DOWN” on 4th down.

The last play of Auburn’s triumph over Alabama will go down in college football history as one of the greatest plays in history as well as one of Nick Saban’s most erroneous brain farts.

It’s because of those two games, that I believe that Auburn shouldn’t even be in the National Championship game. They don’t have no Tebow. All of a sudden people are talking about Tre Mason emerging as a late Heisman candidate because he ran all over Missouri, but they also promoted AJ McCarron for the Heisman before the Iron Bowl and we saw how he did against Oklahoma. Dude did opossum impersonations when his OL got whooped. Mason also benefits from both the fact that Nick Marshall is an option QB with 1000+ yards rushing, and that Auburn runs a gimmicky “hurry-up” offense, which is a smokescreen for Auburn’s porous defense. Look at those average scores again and look me in the eye and tell me “Famous Jameis” isn’t going to hang a bunch on AU.

And to be honest, I’m not even worried about the performance of Jameis Winston. The highlight of my team’s dominance isn’t a freshman Heisman-winning QB. After all, our WRs are nothing to sneeze at: Kelvin Benjamin is 6’5″ and can go up for anything; Rashad Greene is the toughest 180 WR this side of the NFL’s Steve Smith and isn’t afraid of the middle; and Kenny Shaw will catch anything Winston throws in his direction. Did I mention that they are all inside 100 yards receiving for the year to go over 1000? At least two of them are going to get that tonight.

But that’s a digression from what I was really going to say, and that is, my money is actually on Devonta Freeman, who is 57 yards away from becoming FSU’s first 1000-yard RB since WARRICK DUNN in 1996. And between him and James Wilder Jr., Jimbo Fisher’s offense is a balanced attack, contrary to what the media might present.

Oh, and FSU’s defense allows 10.7 ppg. If Auburn wins, it would be a historic upset.

But “War Eagle” fans shouldn’t hold their breath. After all, golden eagles have been on the protected species list since 1963, and I wouldn’t want anyone to get in trouble for the asphyxiation of most of the state of Alabama, let alone Nova.


This isn’t going to be the 2000 National Championship game of FSU vs Oklahoma with a high baseball score either.