Where the Big Boys Play #90 – Slamboree 93

Chad and Parv return to look at Slamboree 93: A Legends’ Reunion

[0:02:31] Wrestling Observer round-up: All the news from February to May 93 in a monster round-up including WCW’s UK tour, Tully Blanchard contract wranglings, and the origins of the WWE Hall of Fame.

[1:31:35] Review of Slamboree 93: who is sexier Bischoff or Missy Hyatt? Lots and lots of genuine bona-fide legends of the business. Dory Funk Jr! Paul Roma: Horseman! The Prisoner! Mike Atkins’s tache: wow! Rude’s tache: back! Ox Baker’s tache: OMG!

[2:35:49] End of show awards