Where the Big Boys Play #74 – Wrestlewar 92

Chad and Parv return to watch Wrestlewar 92.

[07:32] Bumper Observer Roundup from March to June 92: Vince McMahon on Donahue, goodbye to Kip Allen Frey and Jack Petrick, hello to Bill Watts and Bill Shaw, Luger legal issues and the WBF, comparison of WWF and WCW live gates as opposed to TV ratings.

[1:03:30] Review of Wrestlewar 92: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! The Freebirds are still around, Ron Simmons: midcarder, Pillman vs. Zenk, does Steiners vs. Fujinami / Iizuka retain its impact in 2015?, where does this War Games rank in all-time matches?, ranking all of the War Games matches to this point.

[2:30:00] End of show awards

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