What If…the NBA Could Play a Full 82 Game 19/20 Season – Episodes 1 and 2

Have you been wondering what the NBA Seasons would’ve looked like if 2020 didn’t, well, go full 2020 on us all? Well look no further, as through the power of NBA 2K20, Calum McDougall will take you on a journey to find out who would’ve come out on top over the course of a full season.

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Now, onto the main event….

The first of our What If… series takes a look, as you might have already guessed, what if the NBA had managed to play a full 82 game season in 2019/2020. How would Toronto cope in defence of their championship after trading away Kawhi Leonard? Can LeBron and co. return the Lakers to glory? Will Giannis and the Bucks go one step further to the Finals, or even win it all? We here at Place to Be Nation hope that we can find the answers to any unanswered questions you may have,

The first episode this series is an introduction and how the series as a whole will work. It also simulates the first three days of the Regular Season, which will allow every team to have played at least one game each. We also try out how best to simulate games, which takes us to the Staples Center where we watch the Clippers host the Lakers. All of this can be seen in the video below.

The second of this double header continues almost takes us to the end of October, and some teams continue with a good start to their seasons, whilst others take an opposite approach and may be participating in a race to the bottom. There are still some undefeated teams as we come close to the end of the episode when we take a trip back to L.A. to watch a battle between two of them.

The next episode will begin on Halloween night and continue into November. Will any early season dreams turn into nightmares, or will some teams continue on their scarily good form? Find out next time on our new YouTube channel, and the new series, What If…the NBA Could Play a Full 82 Game Season.

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