What If…MLB Were Able to Play a Full Season in 2020

Have you been wondering what the Major League Baseball season would’ve looked like if it were able to start on time, and play a full 162 game schedule? Well look no further, as through the power of Out of the Park Baseball 21, Calum McDougall will take you on a journey to find out who would’ve come out on top over the course of a full season.

The second of our ongoing What If… series takes a look at the Major League Baseball season of 2020, and how it may have gone had the clubs had the chance to play a full 162 game schedule. How will the Nationals fair as they chase two in a row? Can Bryce Harper win the championship he left Washington in search of? And, will the Astros continue to get dinged by pitches, even in the virtual world? We here at Place to Be Nation hope that we can find the answers to any unanswered questions you may have.

In this first episode, we will go through the first four days of the season to ensure that every team has played at least once, and take in some key moments from Opening Day. If you enjoy this video, either if you are watching intently, or if you are listening in for some background chatter, please leave a comment.

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