Wednesday Walk Around the Web – 11/09/2016


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  • This was written before the election. Just so’s you know.
  • This Week in Tech: Any time a bold new innovative frontier comes along, folks really need to remember to build in ways to stop the creeps who are just going to find more ways to harrass women. At least the developers seem to be taking VR groping seriously, unlike some techbros.
  • Vincent Price was bisexual. Or, at least, not at all straight. Awesome.
  • This Week in Alternate History: What if William the Conqueror had been defeated at Hastings? King Harold would probably be better known in the wider English-speaking culture, but a lot of historical data about England as it was in 1066 was recorded because of the conquest. The Normal conquest also, of course, marked the transition point from Old English to Middle English as French became the language of the British noble class and a mixture emerged, so the history and structure of the English language would be much different as well.
  • Video Game reviews are always better with Dracula.
  • Florida Man is really having a hard time.
  • This Week in Relationships: integrating your libraries can be an incredibly sensitive time. I’m not sure how I’d approach such a thing.
  • If you’re the unlikely winner at a casino, especially if you win big, grab your pocket computer and get yourself some proof.
  • This Week in White People: In Boston, a cop’s wife showed herself to be just as corrupt as the cops when she faked a robbery and spraypainted her house, trying to pin it on Black Lives Matter. (Autoplay video.)
  • Genetic analysis has traced the spread of AIDS in the US, and among other discoveries, it’s cleared the name of GaĆ«tan Dugas, long labeled Patient Zero. It turns out that his label mysteriously changed from Patient O (for “outside California”) to Patient 0 (for “blame this man for the terrifying plague”), so I guess this is This Week in Analogue Communitcaitons Follies as well as This Week in AIDS.
  • Take a whirlwind tour of slanted trains on steep railways.
  • Direct Deep Dream, which is already creepy enough, to intentionally create creepy imagery, and you get the nightmare machine.
  • Who’s the genius who commissioned a review of the new Macbook from Borges?
  • This Week in Dogs: take a look at this X-ray image of a pregnant dog and count all of the wee li’l puppies. This is the sort of thing Superman sees all the time.
  • This Week in Found Art: Tire tracks in a snowy parking lot create an unintentional tree.
  • Mario’s destination after you drop him into an abyss is the sort of terrifying hellscape you’d expect.
  • Car Boys, a YouTube series about playing a car-physics engine that’s a thousand percent more incredible than that description sounds, is starting to get actual press. You should really be watching it.
  • In prison, along with the multitudinous things prisoners can’t do, they also can’t buy and sell anyone’s soul.
  • You find yourself alone in a labyrinthine cave system. There’s enough ambient light to make out openings in the rock to other caves, but not enough to see more than that. You hear water dripping, with no obvious source. You hear something else, too: a hellish song, sounding from the depths of the caves.
  • Most dogs are good dogs; of this I am assured. I know of no better dogs, though, than mental illness service dogs. What a good dog.
  • (Warnings for blood and animal violence.) Everyone’s been on about the penguin death match. If we’re going to anthropomorphize the birds, let’s go all the way and just stipulate that the lady penguin can live with whoever the hell she wants. Also: I am now absolutely certain that I will never cheat on a penguin. Also as well: for what it’s worth, giraffes fight like this. You’re welcome.
  • I guess we’re all about the animal fights this week: Place to Be head honcho Brad [pick a last name] sends word of disruptions among the reptiles. Ruuuuun!
  • This Week in Calming Animal Photos: John Cena is holding a baby goat. You’re welcome.