Wednesday Walk Around the Web – 03/11/2020

Welcome to the Wednesday Walk Around the Web, where we weave & wind through weblinks weekly. Hopefully you will find the links on offer amusing, interesting, or informative.

  • It’s important to celebrate nature in all its diversity, all its wondrousness, and all its splendor. Friends, some mushrooms look like butts and I for one think that’s beautiful.
  • Also This Week in Nature: Look, if you’re going to set out to do a nature documentary, you have to be prepared for whatever nature throws at you. A komodo dragon’s gonna komodo dragon, and sometimes that means having sex with your camera, and you need to be prepared to make that sacrifice.
  • RIP Max von Sydow. 90 is a hell of a run.
  • Some children will leap on any opportunity to bully their peers, in a desperate hunt for anything that can be seized upon. Amazon’s surveillance device avatar/personal assistant gives them just one opening for children named Alexa.
  • This Week in Shockingly Good Ideas: Mumbai is testing traffic lights that stay green when you honk at them to try to curb noise pollution.
  • This Week in Shockingly Bad Ideas: We here at the Wednesday Walk are not only saddened to report that people not only need pandemic-level frenzy to remind them to wash their damn hands, but there are some among us who need to be urged by medical professionals not to insert frozen potatoes in their asses to “treat” haemorrhoids. Seriously, there are SO VERY MANY better things to put up there!
  • This Week in Completely Unnecessary Developments: Tom Brady has set records, won championships, and flexed his power over the dude who supposedly runs the league he plays in — but what he really wants to do is make some movies. He named his company 199 Productions in a passive-aggressive reference to his draft position, because even though he’s won all those championships and been worshipped by so many people, there’s an essential bitterness that remains, an inability to let go of a perceived slight from literally twenty years ago, a void in his soul that cannot be filled.
  • This Week in Radical Recontextualization: The Floppotron is a series of disk drives and other computer hardware that rocks out with its blocks out, from Boney M to The Eurythmics to John Denver.
  • When you combine ubiquitous product placement with obsessive brand management, you get Apple micromanaging which characters use Iphones in movies to make sure their phones aren’t associated with the bad guys.

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