WCW Must Die #7: Good Night, and Good Luck

GET CAUGHT IN A WEB OF EXCITEMENT as the Battle of the Millionaires Club and The New Blood bursts through Birmingham (Roll Tide) for the 5/01/00 episode of wCw Nitro!

The HARD SELL for WUSB rests on the shoulders of an “Epic?” encounter between FUNB TCB and A-W-E-S-O-M-E, but can they deliver the goods?  David Arquette GRAPPLES with the moral implications of being simply an ENTERTAINER living in the world of a SPORTS ENTERTAINER! VAMPIRO sets out to put STING in the grave, but who’s really getting BURRIED here? Jonnie Sea (Peter3) and SPECIAL GUESTs James Gruenberg (Peter2) and Greg Diener (Peter1) are digging through the weeds of year 2000 wCw so you don’t have to! Plus, KEVIN NASH makes a late night call to “SHAWN” and KURT RUSSELL is here! #makeTASM3

Contains Spoilers for Spiderman: No Way Home… however that movie did come out last year so… yeah.