WCW Must Die #3: Spring Stampede 2000

CHAOS IN THE WINDY CITY! It’s the year 2000 and the WAHAR that is The New Blood vs. The Millionaires Club reaches epic new heights when wCw brings its particular brand of Sports “Entertainment” to Chicago for the “Fifth Annual?” SPRING STAMPEDE SEASON 5 EPISODE 1… or 2000 if you wanna get technical.

Jonnie Sea & Ryan Gray are here to attempt to guide you through the MULTIPLE wCw Championship Tournaments that give the term “Deadly Game” a whole new meaning. Come and learn how someone with the last name AWESOME just happens to be Awesome! Marvel at the return of TAMMY, because our lawyers said we couldn’t call her Sunny! Make room for MANCOW-FREE SPEECH and listen as the boys break a very coveted World Record! And more!