Vintage Vault “Pre-Viewing of Punk”: Saturday Night’s Main Event 35

CM Punk and the Boogeyman vs. John Morrison and Big Daddy V (w/ Matt Striker)

As we continue through the summer of 2007 and stand on the brink of Summerslam, one of the big feuds heading into that show was the ongoing feud between Punk and Morrison for the ECW Championship. Punk has now had two chances at becoming champion and has lost both times to Morrison, but now Punk has one more chance at finally grabbing the brass ring at Summerslam and the feeling for many was that it would happen. On the flip side, we had this mini feud brewing on ECW TV between the Boogeyman and Big Daddy V who was fighting on behalf of Matt Striker, and it was pretty clear that V was being pushed as a potential future ECW Championship contender. It was pretty big for ECW to get a showcase here on Saturday Night’s Main Event especially at Madison Square Garden, and you knew that these were the biggest stars of the brand that they were the ones featured here on behalf of ECW.

On the 6/12 ECW, Boogeyman made his ECW debut after being drafted by defeating Striker in a match and putting the worms in his mouth, and on the 6/26 ECW Striker confronted Roddy Piper only for Boogeyman to attack him and put the worms in his mouth again. On the 7/10 ECW, Boogeyman was a guest in Striker’s Classroom when V made his surprise debut on ECW and attacked Boogeyman, and on the 7/31 ECW Boogeyman made his return to TV scaring V and Striker after V won a squash match. On the 8/7 ECW, Boogeyman won a squash match only to be attacked by V after the match, and on the 8/14 ECW this match was announced as V defeated Punk by countout and Boogeyman defeated Morrison by DQ. This was a pretty unique matchup on paper and you wondered how good it would end up being, but given that Punk and Morrison were in the match you knew that it would at least be decent.

Punk and Boogeyman get a good pop from the crowd while Morrison and V were pretty hot as heels, and it was pretty cool having SNME in Madison Square Garden as the building has never had this show before which is pretty crazy to think about. Punk starts off the match with Morrison and they lock up with Punk hooking a headlock and he knocks Morrison down, and he hooks a rollup on Morrison for a two count and Morrison blocks a hiptoss before hooking a backslide for a two count. Punk catches a kick attempt and hooks a rollup for a two count only for Morrison to send Punk throat first into the middle rope, and Morrison hooks a headlock and knocks Punk down only for Punk to hit a dropkick on Morrison for a two count. He hits a clothesline that sends Morrison over the top to the floor as we go to a commercial break, and when we come back from commercial Boogeyman hits a big backdrop on Morrison and pulls out a handful of worms from his bag. He stands over Morrison until Striker gets on the apron and distracts him which allows Morrison to tag V, and he hits a clothesline on Boogeyman and pounds on him before hitting a slam and he rams Boogeyman into the corner. He pounds on him and whips him into the other corner before hitting a Samoan drop and he rams Boogeyman into the buckle, but he misses a charge in the corner as Morrison tags in only for Boogeyman to get a kick in and Punk gets the hot tag. He fires up on Morrison and hits a spinning slam before whipping him into the corner only for Morrison to backdrop him over the top, but Punk lands on the apron and gets a shoulder in as he hits a springboard clothesline for a two count. He whips Morrison into the corner and hits the running knee only for Morrison to block the bulldog by shoving Punk off, and Punk gets a back elbow in and goes up to the middle rope only for Morrison to pull him to the mat by his leg for a two count. Morrison looks for the modified neckbreaker only for Punk to quickly hook a small package which gets the three and he wins the match for his team.

The match itself was nothing much as both teams worked hard and put on a pretty basic tag match. It was pretty interesting that this match was given the main event spot, but longtime SNME viewers know that this spot was typically the death spot for the show as the big stuff would happen early and then viewership would drop off by the end. Having said that, it was still good to see ECW get a showcase here since they had very little representation at the last SNME and it featured at least two of the top players on the brand and a growing heel. Punk and Boogeyman made for an interesting team as did Morrison and V, and it was pretty clear the highlight of the match was Punk and Morrison even though Boogeyman and V did get a little bit of shine. I was fine with Punk getting the win here because Morrison’s already beaten him twice so Punk needed a clean win to build to Summerslam, and now the question was whether he would finally break through at that show or if he would choke again. The crowd was into the match and popped for Punk and Boogeyman when they won. Punk and Boogeyman get the win over Morrison and V as Punk looks to finally achieve his destiny at Summerslam.

Final Grade: *3/4