Tuesday Top 10: Halloween Candy

With Halloween being just a couple of days away, the staff here at Place To Be Nation was polled to see what everyone’s favorite candy here. Here are the compiled results.

10. Kit Kat – there are many things to like about this candy: there’s chocolate cover crispy wafers, they come in many sizes and varieties and probably one of the best candies for sharing since it’s ready-made for that.

9. Hershey Bar – while there are many varieties of this long-time candy staple, many choose to go with the original. Why not? It’s simple and delicious, just pure milk chocolate.

8. Skittles – do you taste the rainbow? This is one of the top go-to candies for the non-chocolate fans, Many flavors and varieties make this a popular choice.

7. 5th Avenue Bar – this is a vastly underrated candy. Unlike some other candy bars, there aren’t any clones of this one, the combination of crunchy peanut butter in milk chocolate is not found anywhere else.

6. 100 Grand – Caramel surrounded by crispy chocolate. It’s feels like the caramel and crisps are the stars here with the chocolate merely acting as a vessel.There’s no bar to get through here, that just slows you up.

5. Peanut M&M’s – out of all of the varieties of M&M’s, peanut is usually the top choice. Even though M&M’s, like Oreo’s, Lays, etc., have fallen victim to the “what crazy flavor or variety can we come up with now” fad, this one still holds the top spot on many people’s lists.

4. Whatchamacallit – this may be somewhat of a controversial pick for this list. You see, one of the biggest travesties is that this candy bar does not come in a fun size. It just means you’ll have to power through and eat a whole regular size bar of milk chocolate, peanut-flavored crisps and caramel yourself. You poor thing!

3. Twix – The only candy with the cookie crunch. Throw in caramel and chocolate coating and you’ve got a winner here. Bonus is that there are two so you can share or eat one now and save the other one for later.

2. Snickers – now this is a candy bar. Probably the most densely packed one around with the chocolate, peanuts and caramel. When you eat a full-size Snickers, you’re making a commitment. It’s almost like eating a meal. The ad campaign is right, is does make you feel better when you eat one.

  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – this was the top candy hands down. It was number one on most everyone’s lists (some lists only had this and said nothing else comes close). It did win our Greatest Candy Tournament earlier this year, so this should come as no surprise being at the top of this list.

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