Traders Of The Lost Arcs – Cap-Wolf #1

Not a hoax! Not a dream! Dedicated comics coverage has returned to Place To Be Nation Pop at long last! Welcome to Traders of the Lost Arcs, a loving look back on the comics we love. In our inaugural episode, Tim Capel leads Shawn Kidd, Scott Shifflett, and Andy Atherton through the one that started it all: an infamous 1992 biweekly saga known as “Man & Wolf.” Doesn’t ring a bell? Perhaps you’re familiar with the story by its more colloquial association – Cap-Wolf! In a nutshell, a simple missing persons case sees Captain America transformed into a werewolf! With guest stars galore, including Wolverine, Cable, and basically every canine-adjacent character in the whole damned Marvel Universe. PLUS: palace intrigue with Diamondback and Crossbones (aka “What the hell is a back-up story?”), Cap’s cast of missing friends, the protracted adventures of D-Man and Bernie in the park, and the INSANE origins of Dr. Druid!

Far from a mere back-issue review, we analyze not only the story itself, but the context in which it was published. How exciting was it being a comics fan in 1992? What else was on the spinner rack at the same time? WHY did this see print? Plus, we heap praise on the writing talents of the late Mark Gruenwald and have… questions about those of artist Rik Levins. Enjoy this first time outing wherein Andy learns comics, Shiff exudes patience, and Shawn changes his mind! It’s a wild kick-off to our monthly comics adventures!

On this episode: Captain America vol. 1 #402-408. Read along with us via Marvel Unlimited at