Traders of the Lost Arcs #6: Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters

Having completely failed to learn any lessons from last episode’s DIVISIVE outing, we’re back with another selection from the 1980s! Will Mike Grell’s creative tour-de-force as writer and artist of the deluxe DC miniseries GREEN ARROW: THE LONGBOW HUNTERS serve as our redemption? Or only further drive the wedge? Listen and learn as we unpack this more mature outing for DC’s emerald archer, gush over the lavish artwork and colors, speculate on the story’s contemporary influences, and examine its legacy in terms of modern comics storytelling. With its biting social commentary, inverted gender roles, and gritty, street-level aesthetic, it’s hard to say whether this this project is ahead of its time or exactly OF its time. Join us as we do our best to settle the score on this overlooked post-Crisis character reintroduction!