Titans of Wrestling #9: WWF January-February 1980


Parv, James “the Super 8 stalker”, “Weeping” Kelly, “Lead Analyst” Pete and “the legend of podcasting” Johnny Sorrow take their first step into WWF 1980.

On the docket tonight:

01-12-80 Larry Zbyszko challenges Bruno Sammartino to a scientific match (Championship Wrestling)

01-12-80 HULK HOGAN vs ANGELO GOMEZ & JOHNNY RIVERA (Championship Wrestling)

01-12-80 Bruno Sammartino responds to Larry Zbyszko’s challenge (Championship Wrestling)

01-12-80 BOB BACKLUND vs BOBBY DUNCUM (WWF Title Match – Philadelphia Spectrum)

01-12-80 PAT PATTERSON vs LOU ALBANO (Philadelphia Spectrum)

01-80 PROMOS: Pat Patterson, Ken Patera & The Grand Wizard, Bob Backlund, Lou Albano (w/Wild Samoans) (WWF TV)

01-21-80 TITO SANTANA/IVAN PUTSKI vs WILD SAMOANS (Tag Team Title Match – MSG)

01-21-80 BOB BACKLUND vs KEN PATERA (WWF Title Match – MSG)

01-26-80 Bruno Sammartino promo (Championship Wrestling)

01-26-80 LARRY ZBYSZKO vs JOHN BUFORD; Larry Zbyszko says if he can’t get a match with Bruno, he’ll retire. Bruno comes out and accepts the challenge. (Championship Wrestling)

02-02-80 BRUNO SAMMARTINO vs LARRY ZBYSZKO (Championship Wrestling)

Some highlights include:

– Spotlight on Bruno Sammartino

– Kelly gives us bios for Angelo Gomez and John Buford (WHO??!)

– Johnny does an impression of drunk Adam West as Batman meeting Lawler in Memphis

– Appreciation of and emotional responses to one of the all-time great, subtle and nuanced angles, Bruno Sammartino vs. Larry Zybysko

– Insights into the character of the Grand Wizard


Author: Titans of Wrestling

Join Parv, Pete, Kelly and Johnny as they travel back in time to look at the state of WWF wrestling in the late 70s through the early 80s. Along the way they also make pit stops in Portland, St. Louis and other territories to cover their history, angles and differences from other promotions of the time. They discuss the prominent matches and promos of the era and leave no stone unturned as they talk through wrestler bios, psychology, and jobber matches. The cherries on top are some of the funniest commentaries and best wrestler impressions you’ll ever hear!