Titans of Wrestling #9: WWF January-February 1980


Parv, James “the Super 8 stalker”, “Weeping” Kelly, “Lead Analyst” Pete and “the legend of podcasting” Johnny Sorrow take their first step into WWF 1980.

On the docket tonight:

01-12-80 Larry Zbyszko challenges Bruno Sammartino to a scientific match (Championship Wrestling)

01-12-80 HULK HOGAN vs ANGELO GOMEZ & JOHNNY RIVERA (Championship Wrestling)

01-12-80 Bruno Sammartino responds to Larry Zbyszko’s challenge (Championship Wrestling)

01-12-80 BOB BACKLUND vs BOBBY DUNCUM (WWF Title Match – Philadelphia Spectrum)

01-12-80 PAT PATTERSON vs LOU ALBANO (Philadelphia Spectrum)

01-80 PROMOS: Pat Patterson, Ken Patera & The Grand Wizard, Bob Backlund, Lou Albano (w/Wild Samoans) (WWF TV)

01-21-80 TITO SANTANA/IVAN PUTSKI vs WILD SAMOANS (Tag Team Title Match – MSG)

01-21-80 BOB BACKLUND vs KEN PATERA (WWF Title Match – MSG)

01-26-80 Bruno Sammartino promo (Championship Wrestling)

01-26-80 LARRY ZBYSZKO vs JOHN BUFORD; Larry Zbyszko says if he can’t get a match with Bruno, he’ll retire. Bruno comes out and accepts the challenge. (Championship Wrestling)

02-02-80 BRUNO SAMMARTINO vs LARRY ZBYSZKO (Championship Wrestling)

Some highlights include:

– Spotlight on Bruno Sammartino

– Kelly gives us bios for Angelo Gomez and John Buford (WHO??!)

– Johnny does an impression of drunk Adam West as Batman meeting Lawler in Memphis

– Appreciation of and emotional responses to one of the all-time great, subtle and nuanced angles, Bruno Sammartino vs. Larry Zybysko

– Insights into the character of the Grand Wizard