Titans of Wrestling #32: WWWF at Madison Square Garden, March 17th 1975


Parv, Pete, Johnny and Kelly lanny leap back to 1975 for this MSG card.

On the docket:

Indian Jay Strongbow vs. Butcher Vachon
Bruno Sammartino vs. Sprios Arion
Killer Kowalski vs. Victor Rivera
The Valiants vs. Tony Garea and Dean Ho

On this show:

– Talking point: Bruno vs. Hogan as two different types of draws
– Spiros Arion, the forgotten man
– Kowalski vs. Rivera – one of the worst matches of all time on one of the worst cards of all time?
– Why did Vince Sr structure his cards in the way he did?
– Plus: has Titans Xtra caused tension in the Fab Four?, Bruno’s hair, Bob E. Lee (the Fink’s predessor at MSG), and much much more.

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