Titans of Wrestling #31: Cobra Clutch Challenge – WWF February to March 1981


Parv, Pete, Johnny and Kelly travel to Allentown and they’re closing all the factories down for the Cobra Clutch challenge! On the docket tonight:

02-21 Cobra Clutch Challenge: Jeff Carson

02-28 Cobra Clutch Challenge: Rick McGraw

02-28 Stan Hansen vs Steve King

03-07 Cobra Clutch Challenge: Pat Patterson

– Discussion of the WWF TV product and them drawing in Canada

– Johnny adopts the totally ridiculous stance that Chief Jay Strongbow was a good worker because crowds cheered for him

– Bios for long-time ring announcer Joe McHugh, and jobbers Jack Carson, Ron Shaw, and the Black Demon

– Slow-burn turns including random discussion of Sting’s stupidity

– Plus: Italian restaurants in St. Louis! The Love Brothers! The burial of David Sammartino! And much, much more.

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