Titans of Wrestling #29, Part 2: The ‘Birds Go Down to Georgia



The Titans of Rasslin wrap up their look at Georgia Championship Wrestling with an in-depth examination of the Fabulous Freebirds arrival on the scene and the mayhem they inflicted on the areas top good guys (Ted DiBiase, Robert Fuller and…dear God…Stan “Uncle Elmer” Frazier). The “Titans Assemble” call is put out as Kelly, Parv, Johnny, Pete AND Marty Sleeze gather for the usual tons of insight and tons of laughs. The 3hrs just fly by!


On the docket:


1980 Mr. Saito vs Steve Keirn $5000 challenge/ Saito vs Mr. Wrestling II $5000 challenge

1980 Freebirds promos

1980 Ted DiBiase vs Terry Gordy

1980 “Two-Ring, Triple-Chance Battle Royal” (???)

1981 DiBiase/Robert Fuller vs Freebirds x2 Omni footage

1981 DiBiase/Stan Frazier vs Freebirds

1981 JYD promo/Mid South blinding angle (!!!)

1981 JYD/DiBiase vs Freebirds

1981 Ted in the hospital


Also on tonight’s show:


Unanimous praise for Michael Hayes and the Freebirds in general

Debating the merits of JYD as a worker

Stan Frazier makes his case for the WOAT

DiBiase takes a beating in more ways than one


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Author: Titans of Wrestling

Join Parv, Pete, Kelly and Johnny as they travel back in time to look at the state of WWF wrestling in the late 70s through the early 80s. Along the way they also make pit stops in Portland, St. Louis and other territories to cover their history, angles and differences from other promotions of the time. They discuss the prominent matches and promos of the era and leave no stone unturned as they talk through wrestler bios, psychology, and jobber matches. The cherries on top are some of the funniest commentaries and best wrestler impressions you’ll ever hear!