Titans of Wrestling #29 – Part 1: Georgia Championship Wrestling

ga wre

Join us as the Titans of Rasslin visit Earth II, where Pete doesn’t exist (actually he is trapped under a pile of thousands of wrestling DVDs, updates throughout), and the team of Kelly, Parv, Johnny and Marty Sleeze explore the amazing world of Georgia Championship Wrestling on TBS! And for the first time ever, the material covered on the show is so vast that a second part is required (look for it in about two weeks).

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On the docket tonight:

1979 Ole Anderson promo / Bobby Heenan and Ernie Ladd promo

1979 Ernie Ladd attacks Chief Jay Strongbow 1980 Tommy Rich vs. Dennis Condrey TV title match

1980 Ole Anderson turns on Dusty Rhodes + Ole falls out with Lars and enlists the aid of Terry Funk

1980 Mr. Wrestling II and The Assassin discuss why they wear a mask

Also on tonight’s show:

-A look at the history of GCW, its important relationship with Ted Turner-owned television stations, and the role it played in the story of WCW

-In-depth discussion of Mr.Wrestling II and Tommy Rich

-Stongbow’s humiliation makes Parv…uh, giddy

-Fantasy Blaxploitation booking: Ernie Ladd is “The Big Cat of Harlem”

-A show-ending comparison of early-80s GCW and WWF