Titans of Wrestling #28: WWF at Philadelphia Spectrum, February 14th 1981


Parv, Kelly and Johnny DRAG Pete to the Philadelphia Spectrum in 1981 for a 10-match extravaganza!

On the docket tonight:

Bulldog Brower vs Angelo Gomez

Larry Sharpe vs Steve King

The Great Yatsu vs Frank Savage

Hulk Hogan vs Dominic Denucci

Pedro Morales vs Stan Hansen

Killer Khan vs Rick McGraw

Sgt. Slaughter vs Bob Backlund

The Hangman vs Johnny Rodz

SD Jones vs Baron Mikel Scicluna

Tony Garea & Rick Martel vs Moondogs (Texas Death match)

Also on tonight’s show:

– Pete’s protest: the lead analyst refuses to watch half of the card

– Parv introduces the jobber offense count

– Kelly gives Frank Savage a mini-bio

– Johnny tests out a new theorem: if Bruno = Hogan and Bob = Bret, then Pedro = Warrior?

– Plus: randomly the Titans pick their MVP for Wrestlemania 2 and The Kayfabe Memories Mystery Files of SD Jones