Titans of Wrestling #24: WWF at Philadelphia Spectrum – December 1980


In this very special episode, Pete, Johnny and Kelly pay tribute to two icons of wrestling…

JerryvonKramer, aka “Parv”, aka  The President of the I Hate Bob Backlund Club , aka  “Spanky”

and Kal Rudman: Everyone’s favorite drunk, pervy, wrestling commentator (pictured second from left, likely high as hell)

On the docket:

12-13 Dominic DeNucci vs. Sgt. Slaughter
12-13 Larry Zbyszko vs. Tony Atlas
12-13 Rick Martel & Tony Garea vs. the Samoans Best 2 out of 3 Falls
12-13 Pedro Morales vs. Ernie Ladd
12-13 Bruno Sammartino vs. Ken Patera

Also on tonight’s show:

-Philadelphia: America’s #1 sports town in 1980!
-Fantasy Booking #1: Super 8 (possibly Bob Crane in disguise) films Tony Atlas being walked on by a woman while Kal watches, smoking a cigarette, at the Holiday Inn across from the Spectrum
-Fantasy Booking #2: Kal goes to Memphis and meets the Fabulous Ones
-Visit Izzy Bernstein’s House of Blue Tights (with red trim)!
-Extended discussion on everybody from Sgt Slaughter, DeNucci, Pete Rose, and Ernie Ladd, to Bill Watts, Greg “the Bull” Luzinski, and The Living Legend

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Author: Titans of Wrestling

Join Parv, Pete, Kelly and Johnny as they travel back in time to look at the state of WWF wrestling in the late 70s through the early 80s. Along the way they also make pit stops in Portland, St. Louis and other territories to cover their history, angles and differences from other promotions of the time. They discuss the prominent matches and promos of the era and leave no stone unturned as they talk through wrestler bios, psychology, and jobber matches. The cherries on top are some of the funniest commentaries and best wrestler impressions you’ll ever hear!