Titans of Wrestling #10: WWF February to March 1980


Parv, James, Johnny, Pete and Kelly eat up more 1980 goodness:

On the docket tonight:

02-09 Vince McMahon conducts an empty arena interview with Bruno Sammartino (Championship Wrestling)
02-80 Lou Albano (w/Wild Samoans), Bob Backlund promos (WWF TV)
02-09 BOB BACKLUND vs BOBBY DUNCUM (WWF Title – Philadelphia Spectrum)
02-09 TITO SANTANA & GORILLA MONSOON vs WILD SAMOANS (Philadelphia Spectrum)
02-16 LARRY ZBYSZKO vs MIKE MASTERS (Championship Wrestling)
03-01 BRUNO SAMMARTINO vs LARRY ZBYSZKO (Philadelphia Spectrum)
03-80 Bruno Sammartino & Larry Zbyszko promos (WWF TV)
03-24 BRUNO SAMMARTINO vs LARRY ZBYSZKO (Madison Square Garden)
03-24 BOB BACKLUND vs SIKA (WWF Title – Madison Square Garden)

– The debate topic: The Lost Art of the Manager, including what makes a good manager?, why did managers decline? and the “Mount Rushmore” for managers

– Kelly gives bios for Grand Wizard and Mike Masters

Super 800

– Introducing Super 800!

– Parv and Johnny debate whether a crowd can be “wrong”

– And more general marking out for the awesomeness of the Bruno Sammartino vs. Larry Zbyszko storyline