Titans of Wrestling #0: A Titans Primer


Holy retcon Batman! Parv, Pete, Johnny and Kelly make like DC Comics and reset the clock on the Titans universe. It’s EPISODE ZERO!

This episode is intended as a general introduction to Titans of Wrestling for newcomers, but there is still plenty to enjoy for existing fans.

The Titans starters match sampler:

07-21-79 Greg Valentine vs Chief Jay Strongbow (Strap match),Philadelphia Spectrum

01-10-81 Bob Backlund vs Sgt. Slaughter, Philadelphia Spectrum

06-21-75 The Blackjacks vs Victor Rivera and Dominic Denucci, Hamburg, PA; Fieldhouse

This show also includes:

– General introductions to each of the Titans

– Titans Terminology: a beginner’s guide to our lingo, heros, in-jokes, and former failed segments

– Quantum Leaping Lanny Poffo!

– The mysteries of the Fu Manchu moustache

– And much much more

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