This Week in Wrestling Indys & International: 4/29/17

Pete and Tim watched some great wrestling this week. Now You can hear all about it.

1.PWX-ODE to Tradition
-Show analysis and star ratings
-Cody Rhodes not doing jobs is this good or bad for the Indy scene?
-James Drake love

2. CWF-Mid Atlantic
-Final night of Kernodle Cup on CWF Worldwide
-Big time discussion of Trevor Lee vs Chip Day
1. Rank some of Lee’s top defenses.
2. analysis of the match
3. What we liked and didn’t like.
– Sandwich Squad vs All Stars
-Discuss the match
-How they used the Kernodle Bros.
3. NXT
-Discuss what worked and didn’t work on the show.
4. EvolveĀ #83
-We discuss all the matches and give out star ratings.