This Week in Wrestling 7/31/16

Sasha Banks capped off an impressive July by winning the WWE Women's Title!

Fall 1

Pete and Johnny talk up the 1 /13/84 Texas Tornado match between JYD/Duggan vs Darsow/Volkoff match. Then discuss the the ROH tv show where they run an old school angle. The guys discuss what thay did right and wrong in execution.

Fall 2

Pete and Timothy talk the Anarchy show Pete was at. More CWF-Mid-Atlantic Weaver Cup talk. Then look at all the matches of G1 Night 3-6. Timothy talks about the PWG show he attended.

Fall 3 is all WWE. Pete talks up the NXTSA show. What they liked about Ride Along. They look at NXT show along with the CWC. They look at both debut shows of Raw and Smackdown. The guys disagree on how the WWE is handling Ziggler.


00:00:30 Fall 1

00:02:11 NWA Classics Nikolai Volkoff and Barry Darsow vs Junkyard Dog and Hacksaw Jim Duggen
00:20:54 ROH TV
00:40:58 Fall 2 Pete ACW local indie
00:49:54 CWF Mid Atlantic
01:10:10 NJPW G-1 Nights 3-6
02:03:49 Fall 3

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