SPACE CITY! – An NWA on Demand Podcast 11/29/16

Why was the NWA afraid of Ted DiBiase?

Pete and Johnny are back discussing Houston Wrestling via On the docket for the night.

1. Terry Allen vs Kelly Kiniski 11/27/81
-Does Allen show flashes of his future in the match?
2.Greg Valentine vs Tiger Conway Jr 5/18/79
-Is Tiger Conway Jr. a lost great worker?
-A Jive Tones reference
3. Butch Reed vs Dick Slater 12/29/85
-Reed wins he gets Dark Journey for 30 days
–Discussion of why they worked the match how they did.
– Butch Reed’s last Houston appearance for Mid-South
4. Ted Dibiase vs Dick Murdoch 12/29/85
-Discuss the big angle that set up this feud.
-Does this match deserve to be in the talk of Tully-Magnum, Lawler-Dundee rare air of great brawls?
-Speculation on why the feud ended so quickly.

Plus the guys discuss the matches, the commentary, and the history of the area.

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