SPACE CITY! – An NWA on Demand Podcast 1-31-17

Pete and Johnny run the gauntlet on a wide variety of releases on

On the agenda tonight.

1. Bob Sweetan vs Ken Lucas 3/5/82
2. Dick Slater vs Grenade Bowyer 3/12/82
3.Jose Lothario vs Brute Bernard 3/20/79
4. Dusty Promo
5. Terry Funk and Gordon Solie segment
6.Dick Slater vs Billy Spears 3/5/82
7. Hacksaw Duggan vs Ivan the Terrible 3/12/82
8 . Bruiser Brody vs Mongolian Stomper 6/4/82

We discuss the matches, Johnny has flasbacks to the 70’s, and other fun stuff.

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