SPACE CITY! – An NWA on Demand Podcast 1-10-17

Pete and Johnny are here to talk about a hot week of releases.

1.Tully Blanchard vs Scott Casey 5/28/82
-Could Gino have been Piper if given the chance in the WWE?
2. Ricky Morton vs Grappler 3/5/82
-Does Ricky flesh out his GWE case based on the Houston footage?
-If he came up the pike 4 years later could he have been a big singles star?
3. Mongolian Stomper vs Tom Jones 5/28/82
4.Bock and Wahoo promos
5.Tarrus Balba vs Koko Ware 3/14/86
6.Princess Victoria vs Lelani Kai 11/26/82
-Would these girls fit in on today’s scene?
7.Grapplers vs Ricky Morton/Tiger Conway Jr. 11/26/82
-A classic tag surfaces on
-One of the many cool things. Finding a classic match that hasn’t been watched in years.
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