This Week in 90’s Wrestling: March 8th-14th



New Japan Pro Wrestling held a card in Nagoya, where Jushin Liger faced Norio Honaga in a ***1/4 match to kick off a feud that would continue for the next few months.


WWF Superstars included a segment where Gene Okerlund interviewed Randy Savage at home, and he emphatically stated that the stories of a Ric Flair-Elizabeth relationship were untrue.

WCW Saturday Night aired a show taped on March 3 in Atlanta’s Center Stage Theatre. The show included a solid *** match when Brian Pillman faced Ricky (at the time billed as “Richard”) Morton. Brad Armstrong did commentary in an attempt to get over the short-lived light heavyweight division.


FMW held a card in Sapporo in front of a sellout 6,520 fans. Megumi Kudo continued her retirement tour, facing Shinobu Kandori in a **** barbed wire death match. In the main event, Atsushi Onita teamed with Masato Tanaka and Koji Nakagawa to defeat The Gladiator (Mike Awesome), Hisakatsu Oya and The Headhunters in a tornado street fight death match.


WWF Sunday Night Heat included a controversial segment where Tiger Ali Singh offered a fan money to impersonate Jim Ross. Writer Ed Ferrera posed as a fan and did his Jim Ross impersonation, even making fun of Bells Palsy, an act he would later take to WCW as Oklahoma.

WCW Uncensored aired on pay-per-view live from Louisville, KY, in front of 15,930 fans. In the main event, Ric Flair defeated Hulk Hogan in a barbed wire cage match to win the WCW World Title and presumably become the President of WCW forever. Referee Charles Robinson was heavily biased in Flair’s favor in an attempt to turn Hogan babyface and Flair heel at the same time. While the match was in many ways pretty great NWA fanfic, the Flair-Hogan matchup meant far less with the role reversal, doing 287,000 buys — a major drop from the 426,000 the same main event did the month before. Also on the show, Kevin Nash got his win back from Rey Misterio Jr. while Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko won the WCW World Tag Team Championship from Curt Hennig and Barry Windham while Booker T defeated Scott Steiner to win the WCW TV Title. You can watch this show on the WWE Network.

In The “To Watch” Queue:

Rick & Scott Steiner vs Bobby Eaton & Larry Zbyszko (WCW Worldwide 03/14/92)

Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes vs Cactus Jack & Diamond Dallas Page (WCW Saturday Night 03/14/92)