This Week in 90’s Wrestling: March 1st-7th



Jerry Lawler vented his frustration on USWA television over losing the Unified World Title to Jimmy Valiant at the February 26 Mid South Coliseum show. He also expressed frustration that the furniture he destroyed in the studio the previous week had not yet been replaced. In some clever product placement, Lawler said the furniture would have arrived by now had he just called Royal Furniture, and he called them on the air and had the furniture delivered during the television show. Meanwhile, Lawler’s assistant Nate grew tired of The King’s bullying and attempted to quit before Lawler attacked him, even humiliating him by dumping a pie on him. Lawler continued his onslaught by reinjuring Chris Champion and destroying Ken Raper while wearing street clothes.

The cringeworthy promos involving Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior continued on WWF Superstars, this time with the Warrior saying that the antibodies of Hulkamania continued to refuse what the poison could do.


WAR and New Japan held a joint card in Yokohama in front of a sellout 4,900 fans. In the main event, Genichiro Tenryu and Takashi Ishikawa faced Riki Choshu and Osamu Kido in a ****1/4 match.


All Japan Women held a card at Tokyo’s Korakuen Hall in front of a sellout 2,100 fans. In the main event, Manami Toyota teamed with Aja Kong to face Bull Nakano and Kyoko Inoue in a ***1/2 match. Also on the card, Toshiyo Yamada faced Sakie Hasegawa in a ***1/2 match.


WWF Monday Night RAW aired a show taped on February 26 from Berlin, Germany, in front of 6,373 fans. One of the most memorable television matches of the era headlined the show, as Davey Boy Smith defeated Owen Hart in a **** tournament final to crown the first ever European Champion. Also on the show, Mankind did an awesome promo in perfect German. Despite the quality of the main event, the show drew a terrible 1.9 rating, the lowest of the year to that point, and changes were coming in WWE’s creative presentation as a result.

WCW Monday Nitro aired live from The Omni in Atlanta, GA, in front of 13,693 fans, in what turned out to be the last WCW show ever at the building. The storyline highlight of the show was Turner Sports executive Harvey Schiller announcing that Eric Bischoff was suspended for his recent actions. The show also featured one of the worst segments in its history, at least to this point, when Roddy Piper was in an incredibly long segment letting no-name wrestlers try out to be his teammates at WCW Uncensored. Despite the bad segment happening opposite a show with a great main event, Nitro still handily won the night, drawing a 3.4 rating.

In The “To Watch” Queue:

Kenta Kobashi vs Doug Furnas (AJPW 03/03/93)

Steve Williams vs Toshiaki Kawada (AJPW 03/03/93)

Ultimo Dragon, Corazon de Leon & Felino vs Negro Casas, El Dandy & Bestia Salvaje (CMLL 03/03/95, Elimination Match)

Mayumi Ozaki vs Hiromi Yagi (JWP 03/03/96)