This Week In 90’s Wrestling: April 5th – April 11th


All Japan held a card in Osaka that included what may be the best Championship Carnival match ever, as tag team partners Toshiaki Kawada and Akira Taue faced off in a ****3/4 match.

Tommy Rich cut what was quite possibly the best promo of his career on USWA television. He was suspended so he bought air time to send in a video of him sitting in a convertible by lake water, where he recapped his history in the territory and promised to buy a ticket to Monday’s show at Mid South Coliseum, suspension or no suspension.

SMW television featured one of their better television matches ever, as Ricky Morton wrestled Al Snow to a **** match.

WCW Saturday Night aired a show taped on March 22 at Atlanta’s Center Stage Theater. Sting and Steve Austin stole the show with a ***3/4 match, which turned out to be Austin’s last standout WCW match ever.

ECW held the Three Way Dance show at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia. The scheduled main event was a three-way between Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko, Sabu and Taz and Public Enemy, but Sabu no-showed to tour New Japan instead, leaving Rick Steiner to substitute for him. Also on the show, Eddy Guerrero won the TV Title by defeating 2 Cold Scorpio in a ***3/4 match.

The WWF took advantage of an evening with no competition, as WCW Monday Nitro was pre-empted. The show featured strong angles to get Vader over as the company’s new monster by defeating and injuring Yokozuna, along with Diesel laying Shawn Michaels out after a match against Jerry Lawler. The episode drew a 4.7 rating, which was especially massive for the time, and you can watch it on the WWE Network.