The T.J. McAloon Show Episode 14: Alfred “Big Nasty” Konuwa


It’s beginning to be WWE’s busy season. So to help sift through all of the potential storylines, turns, pushes, and pulls I had from Forbes and Bleacher Report and WrestleZone: Alfred “Big Nasty” Konuwa.

Alfred and I go on a number of topics during this week’s episode. From what may or may not happen at Survivor Series. To if Paige and Charlotte went too far with their storyline. We also touch on if it’s a good thing that the part-time wrestlers that WWE usually employees for WrestleMania won’t be able to be apart of the in ring action at the big event.

Also, one other note. Leave Melissa Joan Hart alone. She’s one fan that had an opinion that people didn’t like. So it doesn’t merit a bunch of feces thrown her way through Twitter by “smart mark” fans. Alfred and I discuss this as well on the show and how the internet can be a cruel cruel thing.