The Special Relations #7: Some Really Good Murders

Rory, Ben and Calum are back and joined by perennial guest star and actual American Shawn Kidd! After catching up for a few minutes they dive into the whole Coronavirus-Wrestling situation, and then from there (as dear old Vince would say), look at the ‘New Normal’ of Working From Home which includes Ben losing it for a while.

Our FavoUrite Things is a fond look at some of the best wrestling video games of yesteryear and Shawn’s Happy Place allows the chaps to make as many mafia references as possible as well as watching a forgotten classic from 1987.

They wrap the show up with an announcement from Ben and Shawn as well as the great WrestleMania 17 vs 19 debate! Come for the wrestling chat but stay for the banter or else you will be sleeping with the fishes!

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