The Special Relations #23: Forgot About ANNE

On Episode 23 of the Special Relations join Calum McDougall, Ben Locke and Rory McNamara for 2 hours of chat with some occasional wrestling chat thrown in.

The 10 Minute Rule makes its triumphant return as we get to share our thoughts about over analysis in wrestling.  We then delve into ‘Beltswap Gate’ and wonder aloud about who was to blame for the segment and the fallout as well as the value certain individuals have to the WWE.

In the second part of the show we deal with some breaking newz~! as the story about ROH suspending activities in 2022 breaks whilst we are on the air.  We then go into our interview review which deals with the episode of Dark Side Of The Ring focusing on the Owen Hart tragedy.  As well as giving our thoughts on the programme, we reminisce about Owen as well as watching one of his classic matches from 1997.

Come for the concept but stay for some serious Bronte sister chatter, it’s The Special Relations.