The Special Relations #13: Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner

On Episode 13 (not 12, Calum!) of The Special Relations join the chaps as they celebrate 1 year on the air by breaking Rory’s takeover cherry, as they livewatch Takeover R:Evolution 

The boys pay tribute to the late Diego Maradona as well as making friends with AEW fans before settling in to watch the show.  Along the way they discuss Scotland’s glorious progress to the finals of the Euro 2020 tournament, encounter a spot of dead air where they all thought they had been booted off the chat, natter about some festival faux pas, assess the Jam album ‘In the City’, share some of our favourite segments from the last year and – when they can be bothered – get involved in some occasional wrestling chat too.  

 All this as well as trying to make a fan of NXT out of Rory on the latest episode of The Special Relations!