The Special Relations #10: Don’t Cross The Boss

On the 10th episode of The Special Relations (we can’t believe it either!) the chaps are joined by special guest, actual American ‘The Podfather’ himself Scott Criscuolo. 

After much fawning and hero worship from the 3 of us (some serious Wayne’s World flashbacks) at the beginning we soon get down to business.   We have a very special in-depth discussion about Summerslam past which includes some obvious and not-so-obvious discussion points.  In Our FavoUrite Things we discussed some of our favoUrite entrances as well as music and wrestler pops.  In the second half of the show we each put together our British Band supergroup and explain why we have picked the person we have.  In the final part of the show we take a visit to Scott’s happy place which includes watching a match that should rank high in everyone’s GWCW list! 

All this and all of the usual tangents off-script in episode 10 of the Special Relations!