The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT – 3/20/14

First day of Spring here in Saskatchewan, and it’s a snowstorm.  Go to hell, Mother Nature.

Taped from Orlando, FL. 

Your hosts are Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton & William Regal

Mojo Rawley v. Bull Dempsey

Bull pounds away in the corner and drops elbows for two.  He utilizes the clubbing forearms and holds a chinlock, but Mojo suplexes out and GETS HYPED.  Corner splashes and the buttdrop finish at 2:24.  ½*  Mojo parties with the crowd afterwards, which is pretty cool on his part. 

Meanwhile, CJ Parker derides Mojo Rawley’s use of processed fast foods and lack of respect for Mother Nature.  Well, Mother Nature is kind of a bitch, as we’ve previously established.  I WAS PROMISED SPRING! 

Tyler Breeze v. Sami Zayn

Corey Graves attacks Sami in the middle of high-fiving a little girl in the front row, and this is too despicable even for William Regal to abide!  No match. 

Meanwhile, English meets Irish. 

Adam Rose v. Camacho

They’ve omitted the “woo” portion of Adam’s entrance theme now for some reason and it’s not for the better.  Adam rolls around to evade an armbar, and then prances aggressively at him.  Camacho takes over with a backdrop suplex and the crowd calls him a PARTY POOPER.  Words can hurt, Full Sail.  Camacho with the chinlock and a corner clothesline, but he stops to prance and offends Rose.  This prompts the comeback as he slugs away and hits a Broncobuster into a spinebuster before finishing with the lariat at 4:54.  My pitch for the name:  The Party’s Over.  Every Rose Has Its Thorn?  I dunno, it’s not an exact science.  Rose remains the most fun new character in forever, but tinkering with the entrance music is immediately a mistake that makes it less effective.  *1/2 

Sasha Banks v. Bayley

Bayley controls with a full nelson, but Sasha makes the ropes, and Bayley steals her glasses.  Doesn’t seem like that will work out well for her.  And indeed, she misses a charge and Sasha works her over, pounding the back for two.  Bayley gets a rollup out of nowhere for the pin at 4:40, however.  Nothing here.  ½* 

Aiden English v. Sheamus

They get into a bit of a sing-off before Aiden attacks, and Sheamus quickly beats the crap out of him.  English runs away and we take a quick break.  Back with English getting a cheapshot to take over, and they brawl on the floor.  English continues running away, but catches Sheamus with a clothesline on the floor, the most painful and effective of all clothesline variations, and that gets two.  English keeps beating on Sheamus, and slams him off the top for two.  To the chinlock, which turns into a sleeper, but Sheamus makes the comeback.  Brogue Kick finishes at 9:20.  Glad to see them giving guys like English time to stretch out and learn.  **1/2 

Next week:  Adrian Neville v. Bo Dallas, The Rematch!  God I hope they don’t put the title back on Bo.