The Scouting Report #3: Steiner Brothers, 1991-1992

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For the third edition of The Scouting Report, I wanted to switch things up for #3, and take on two men at once (PHRASING). Much like the first two, these are about breaking down wrestlers using similar scouting techniques as seen in baseball, to try to figure out just what makes a great professional wrestler.

To explain the 20-80 scale used, I’ll again point to the Pro Scouting Coordinator of the Houston Astros, Kevin Goldstein.

A score of 50 is major-league average, 60 is above-average (also referred to as “plus”), and 70 is among the best (“plus-plus”). 80 is top of the charts, and not a score that gets thrown around liberally. 80s in any category are rare, and the scoring system is definitely a strong curve that regresses to around 50 at the major league level, but lower as you move down. Very few players have a 50 score or higher for every tool. Just being average across the board is quite an accomplishment.

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TIMELINE: The Steiner Brothers entered 1991 as the WCW United States Tag Team Champions, having won the titles from the Midnight Express at an arena show in the Meadowlands in August 1990. In February, they defeated the Fabulous Freebirds to win the WCW World Tag Team Titles, becoming the second team in NWA/WCW history to hold both titles consecutively. The next month, they defeated Hiroshi Hase and Kensuke Sasaki to win the IWGP Tag Team Titles, holding all three until the United States Titles were vacated. After successfully defending their titles against a “dream team” of Sting and Lex Luger at SuperBrawl, the Steiner Brothers reign was cut short. At Clash of the Champions: Knocksville, USA, after a successful defense of the IWGP Tag Team Titles, the Steiners were jumped by the Hardliners, Dick Murdoch and Dick Slater. In the attack, Scott tore a bicep, and missed several months, not returning until December. After he returned, the Steiners were put into a program with the World Tag Team Champions, Beautiful Bobby and Arn Anderson. Although unsuccessful at SuperBrawl II, the Steiners were able to win the World Tag Team Titles for the third time in May at an arena show in Chicago. The Steiners then feuded with Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy and “Dr. Death” Steve Williams over the summer, losing the titles in July. Rick Steiner suffered a chest injury, and so for their final months in WCW, Scott was a singles wrestler. When they left in November, Scott was the reigning WCW World Television Champion. In December of 1992, the Steiners made their WWF debut.

Rick Steiner
Look: 60
Brawling: 50
Technician: 60
Speed/Aerial: 45
Selling: 45
Psychology: 30
Charisma: 60
Promo: 45

PROS: Rick’s a very solid guy across the board. While he’s not the physical freak his brother was, he had a great tough guy look, he could throw suplexes around with the best of them, he was very charismatic, his barks would get a crowd going, and most of the other stuff he was able to make work for him.

CONS: He was never much for telling a story, more about throwing dudes around, beating people up, and hitting jaw dropping moves.

Scott Steiner
Look: 80
Brawling: 40
Technician: 70
Speed/Aerial: 60
Selling: 50
Psychology: 35
Charisma: 45
Promo: 30

PROS: During this time, perhaps the most exciting wrestler on the planet. He could and would make your jaw drop with the suplexes he’d throw or the sheer physical ability shown. A guy who looked like a billion dollars, an incredible physique but not at all bloated or “big lug”. He looked incredibly athletic, which he was.

CONS: At this point, he hadn’t learned how to harness his personality, in or out of the ring. His promos were borderline terrible, unlike his brother, who was never a great talker, but was able to get his personality across. Scott, much like his brother, didn’t have a lot of interest in narratives in the ring.

Matches Watched: Steiners vs. Sting and Lex Luger, 5/19/1991, Steiners vs. Sting and The Great Muta, 1/4/1992, Steiners vs. Terry Gordy and Steve Williams, 6/16/1992, Steiners vs. Terry Gordy and Steve Williams, 6/20/1992

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