The PTBN Sports Lounge #7 – AFC South, MLB Trade Deadline & UFC


This week’s edition of the PTBN Sports Lounge is here! Cowboy and the crew are at their most animated for this one! First, the guys give an in depth preview of the AFC South highlighted by a furious back and forth debate between Cowboy and Keith Schmidt on the merits of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Cowboy, Sr., while claiming to be “right down the middle”, lets his true colors shine through with an unprovoked verbal attack against the docile Andrew Flanagan. You have to hear this to believe it. The gang also deep dives into the MLB Trade Deadline moves and Cowboy and Chad break down the UFC Light Heavyweight division. This is an episode not to miss! So, as usual, grab a cigar, pick your spot on the couch, and come join us in the Sports Lounge!

Author: JT Rozzero

JT Rozzero is a cohost of the Place to Be podcast and original member of the legendary Moliseum Video. He enjoys all sports. The only thing he hates more than traffic and customer service is people. He is a proud Svenjolly and has had a sinus infection since October 2013. Send Justin an email