The Great Debate #5

In the latest episode of The Great Debate, host Andy Atherton is joined by J. Arsenio D’Amato, Greg Phillips and Chad Campbell. The gang discusses and debates a variety of sports topics including: what one thing they would change about the NFL, NBA, NHL & MLB each; whether or not the NFL should go to an 18 week schedule that would give each team two bye weeks; which are some of the coolest mascots in sports; if alternative sports leagues would have any chance of succeeding; and some of their favorite sports video games of all time. As well as pop culture topics such as: what Disney animated features should be remade as live-action movies and which ones shouldn’t; Scarlett Johansson movies vs. Emma Stone movies; why is it that Hollywood has had a difficult time making successful R-Rated comedies; TV shows they feel ended a season or two too early; and examples of some of their favorite usage of popular music in movies. And as always, the show closes with a fun rapid fire round that runs the gamut.

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