The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular, Episode 29: Rogue One

Where was she radicalized?

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has arrived, and The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular is ON IT. Glenn & Scott are joined by Alanna Kelly for a wide-ranging discussion on the value & uses of fanservice, the right & wrong ways to change the tone of a Star Wars movie, and much more. Are the new characters worth caring about? What does it mean for Our Heroes to live under a fascist regime? What can you really build on hope? How does everything from the graphic design of the film to Michael Giacchino’s score contribute to making this feel like a Star Wars movie? SPOILERS abound for Rogue One, other Star Wars properties, and possibly On the Beach.

Musical Selections from Rogue One by Michael Giacchino:
“Jyn Erso & Hope Suite”
“Rogue One”
“Imperial Suite”
“Guardian of the Whills Suite”