The Best of Titans of Wrestling Volume #1

Intrigued by the great things you have heard about the Titans of Wrestling podcast? Perhaps a little leery of the time commitment? (Three hours! What is this, Ben-Hur?) Fear no longer! Here, collected for the first time, are three of the choicest cuts from the first year of Titans of Wrestling, easily disposable while on the way to and from work, or even while at work (wink, wink).

In this volume the Titans discuss:

Dominic DeNucci vs Baron Mikel Scicluna – 10/11/80 Philadelphia Spectrum
Originally from Titans #20

Frank Williams Bio
Originally from Titans #14

Bob Backlund vs “The Fabulous” Hulk Hogan – 4/12/80 Philadelphia Spectrum
Originally from Titans #12

Enjoy, and please become addicted to the wrestling podcast for people who hate wrestling podcasts but love wrestling – Titans of Wrestling

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Author: Titans of Wrestling

Join Parv, Pete, Kelly and Johnny as they travel back in time to look at the state of WWF wrestling in the late 70s through the early 80s. Along the way they also make pit stops in Portland, St. Louis and other territories to cover their history, angles and differences from other promotions of the time. They discuss the prominent matches and promos of the era and leave no stone unturned as they talk through wrestler bios, psychology, and jobber matches. The cherries on top are some of the funniest commentaries and best wrestler impressions you’ll ever hear!