Talk’n WCW #24: Eddie Guerrero

Long before you knew him as “Latino Heat,” Eddie Guerrero had already made his mark in professional wrestling as an accomplished international star, lauded for his ring savvy and heat-seeking character work. Son of a proud wrestling dynasty, this second-generation sensation would make his mark on WCW starting in the fall of 1995, bringing style and credibility to the burgeoning Monday Nitro through a combination of high-flying feats and technical precision. Though initially unremarkable as a plucky babyface character plying his trade, Eddie nonetheless connected with an awestruck U.S. audience through his breathtaking ring prowess. Undergoing a radical character transformation in 1997, Guerrero gradually revealed his true colors as the miserable scoundrel fans loved to hate (and love again). On this episode of Talk’n WCW, we honor the legacy of Eddie Guerrero with three matches tracking his evolution in the promotion. First, an unheralded early TV showcase against one of the all-time greats highlighting Eddie’s ring presence and daring underdog persona. Then, an example of Guerrero’s ingenuity by making the most of a then-rarely seen stipulation match in the escalating war between WCW and the nWo, with the U.S. title on the line. And finally, a “second chance” match for the podcast that sees the dastardly heel Eddie face off against perhaps his greatest rival in a preternaturally perfect bout. He lies! He cheats! He steals… our hearts! This is our tribute to the influential, inimitable, IMMORTAL Eddie Guerrero.