Talk’n WCW #21: Great American Bash

The gang takes a break from wrestler retrospectives for a seasonally appropriate spotlight on WCW’s midsummer classic: The Great American Bash! While we’ve had a few match picks from the Bash on episodes past, it just felt right to devote an entire discussion to this thoroughly nostalgic – and thoroughly WCW – high concept. After a bit of history and reminiscence, we turn our attention to three representative exemplary matches each from a different edition of the prestigious event. Greg is on deck first, offering a United States Championship defense that would’ve been right at home on our last episode. Next, Tim makes the case for an overlooked jewel of a tag team bout… problematic iconography notwithstanding. And finally, Jenny closes us out in upstanding fashion with a World Heavyweight Championship showdown of superheroic proportions (which also incidentally completes our coverage of a certain trilogy of classic matches)! All this and we barely scratch the surface of GAB’s grand lineage. Could this be a Talk’n WCW tradition in the making?? Well, we’d be remiss in our duties if you weren’t left a little wil’-eyed and wonderin’!