Talk’n WCW #17: Vader

After spotlighting several of this legend’s classic bouts on previous episodes, at last IT’S TIME! IT’S TIME! IT’S… VADER TIME! Oh yes, the Van They Call Vader steps into the spotlight for a dedicated edition of Talk’n WCW. Watch him bring out the monster in Sting, courtesy of a brutal stipulation; match power-for-power with the British Bulldog in an underrated gem; and defy Cleveland transplant Cactus Jack’s bid for bloody vengeance. PLUS: Harley Race, Depression Era movie villain and 1983 Eurythmics back-up dancer. Award-winning WCW mini movies! Vader’s shocking connection to the Dungeon of Doom! And probably some surprise wrestler run-ins! As a special THEME WITHIN A THEME, all of our selected matches were held in 1993 (and we totally planned it that way). Enjoy this sampling from the most dominant year of WCW’s most dominant Mastodon. NO PAIN! NO PAIN! NO PAIN!