Talk’n Pop: The Miseducation of James Gruenberg

Jenny and Tim continue their tour of the multiverse, pulling up with the jovial James “Grueny” Gruenberg! We start this one off on a somber note, paying tribute to the late Calvin Crowell, our friend and former guest of the show. Welcoming long-time/first-timer Grueny proves to be a fitting follow-up, as he offers several favorite, infamous Calvin stories before delving into his own colorful history. A self-described late bloomer, Grueny pulls no punches regaling us with his sometimes challenging upbringing, wild school days, and questionable-yet-hilarious judgment. Featuring:

*Insane Saturday Skype sessions

*A fake ID even less convincing than McLovin

*The summer of dental woes and algebros

*Mama Gruenberg: badass and role model

*The Teacher Trampling of New Fairfield High

*Using podcasts to score chicks

*The Dump’n Run, defined

*Bizarrely negotiated acts of nudity

Grueny clearly had a lot to say and easily could’ve held our attention even longer than a late-night screening of The Wedding Singer. Don’t worry, it’ll make sense after the show! Here’s hoping Jenny and James make it back from their impending Vegas getaway in one piece, and with more adventures to share.