Talk’n Pop: Plumbing Issues

After a slight sabbatical, Talk’n Pop is back to talk (what else) mental health! We open with a catch-up on where we’ve been, hopefully to maximum dramatic effect, and muse philosophically on the direction of the show (as all podcasts are obligated to do after a break of any significant length). Then, the floor is Jenny’s for a doozy of a story about her own recent mental health crisis from one of the most unexpected sources. This leads to an extended discussion/rant on a deceptively insidious movement currently inflicting misery on Jenny and Tim both: toxic positivity. And while that sounds like some shit we made up, it is in fact a documented psychological phenomenon. We delve into what it is, how it manifests, and why it’s so harmful. Along the way, you might find some tips and strategies for combating toxic positivity in your own life and alternative coping methods. Just keep in mind we are not mental health professionals, and it’s not what you’re here for anyway, right?

Note: this episode includes a well-meaning, but direct, conversation about suicidal thoughts/ideation. While we’d like to think we kept it productive and tasteful, you may want to sit this one out if you’d prefer not to hear about this subject.

NEXT TIME: The Talk’n Pop Interview returns with a first-time guest a long time coming!