Talk’n Pop #17: Andy Atherton

Jenny and Tim flip the script on this edition of Talk’n Pop by welcoming multi-show host and multi-talented Andy Atherton as our honored guest! Join us for a journey that feels like just the tip of the iceberg, touching upon Andy’s ventures as a podcaster, producer, screenwriter, bartender, DJ… and choreographer? Plus: fraternity antics! Professional celebrity death pools! Co-parenting chagrins! And tips for better bar service (hint, the answer is in the question). We’re sure you’ll appreciate this rare opportunity to hear about the experiences and perspectives from a member of the apparently-extinct demographic cohort known as Generation X in our pal Double A!

Andy is the host of (deep breath) Looking Forward, Looking Back; The Great Debate; Laugh-In Theater; PTBN’s Year In Pop; and Pop Goes To The Movies! All of these shows can be heard rotationally right here on Place to Be Nation Pop. Finally, check out, of which Andy is the proprietor, for more great content!

Author: Tim Capel

Tim Capel has a PhD in X-Men continuity with a minor in post-Crisis Superman. His other interests include travel, food, 1990s network primetime dramas, staying out of jail, and going to the bathroom at work. He's even dumber in person. Send Tim an email