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The Honor Roll: ROH’s Top Ten Non-Wrestlers Poll Results

To celebrate Ring of Honor’s 15th anniversary, Place to Be Nation and Voices of Wrestling teamed up to present The Honor Roll: ROH’s 50 Greatest Wrestlers Ever and an offshoot poll ROH’s 10 Greatest Non-Wrestlers. We started the nomination process back in June, 2016, with … …

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A Great Alternative: ROH TV 8-1-15

More wrestling fans need to watch and get behind ROH. It’s the kind of wrestling that makes me excited to be a fan again. It’s not perfect, but it’s consistently the best WRESTLING show on television week to week. One of the best things about … …

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The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 22 – Featuring Bobby Cruise & RD Evans

On Episode 22 of The Kevin Kelly Show, Kevin welcomes in Bobby Cruise for a chat. Bobby discusses who the real Voice of ROH is, how he got started as ring announcer, his feelings on his reduced schedule, his thoughts on Samoa Joe, CM Punk and … …

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