Tag Teams Back Again Episode 17: The Fabulous Ones vs The Moondogs


Kelly and Marty are back, this time journeying down South for some hot 80s Mempho tag action!


Matches examined tonight:

Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl 9/4/1981
Fabulous Ones vs Moondogs 4/4/1983
Fabulous Ones vs Moondogs 5/2/1983, Stretcher Match
Fabulous Ones vs Moondogs 6/13/1983
Fabulous Ones vs Moondogs 1/9/1984, Anything Goes
New Fabulous Ones vs Pretty Young Things 5/18/84, Falls Count Anywhere
New Fabulous Ones vs Phil Hickerson and The Spoiler 6/25/84, Tennessee Street Fight

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